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Living in a busy country as a child and moving from house to house with my family made me realise how passionate I am when it comes to redecorating our houses and fitting in our furniture from one place to another, with different spaces and color palettes. I am amazed and pleased how it looks so very different and unique every single time.

My journey started and is still going on as an expat traveling with my husband and children, exploring new countries, digging inside different cultures. I have fallen in love with nature and I consider myself so lucky to have the chance to travel the world and work on my passion.

Being a mom of three boys, having lived in three continents, with an electrical engineering background, I started to study interiors with Italian experts in Bangkok, Thailand. I worked with commercial and residential projects and planned 2d and 3d designs. I have found myself and have found my path which I truly love in designing, organising, choosing color palettes and creating different atmospheres for every client.


I started my business Decor&More in Stavanger, using my strong engineering background, different cultures and styles I have lived in, the magical nature and beauty of Norway, the Scandinavian taste and inspirations. 

These influences make my design projects unique.

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- Jeg er meget førnøyd med hennes faglig kompetanse, løsningsorientert, og kreativitet. Lett å kommunisere med, på tlf, mail of sms. Flink til å lytte til mine ønsker, og utfordre med nye moderne løsninger. Veldig behjelpelig, samme når på døgnet.

Meget bra tegninger, og sluttprodukt. Kan anbefale henne på det sterkeste -

Mvh Janette Hanevik ~ Stavanger

- A creative at heart, Manal has developed a unique design style that is consistently pleasing. With a good eye for detail and colour, Manal’s proposals are sure to impress you!

Evette Annandale ~ South Africa

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