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Decor and more
Bringing Design to Life

Decor and more interiors

works on projects of all sizes and has collaborated with clients in the commercial and residential sectors in Stavanger and beyond. Contact us to set up an initial meeting and discover the impact of exceptional design.



Get to Know Us

Since 2017, Decor and more has approached interior design with a completely client-focused approach. This, along with their unique, personal designs, are just some of the many reasons why they are such a popular Interior Designer with satisfied clients across Stavanger. Combining their passion for great design, art and engineering background.

Decor and more today to learn how they can transform your space into your dream interior.

Stone Wall


Decor and more offers clients a full menu of services to fulfill all their design needs. From initial concept to installation, they take care of everything. Call today to book a preliminary consultation.

Our Projects

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BATCH RENDER_CShading_LightMix
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BATCH RENDER_View01_CShading_LightMix (2)
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